Monday, September 12, 2016

DIY Cloches For Fall

Hi Guys, today I would like to share a simple DIY project. Many of us LOVE a pretty cloche, but some are hard to find, while others are super expensive. So, today I'll share a very inexpensive way to make one (or more) of your very own.


All of the items were purchased from Walmart. 
You'll need: 2 glass plates, 2 glass bowels, 3 glass candle holders, 2 knobs, E6000 Adhesive, and some Rust-Oleum Spray-paint (1 can). I used a Satin finish and the color is Sage. You can get this cheaper at the Dollar Tree as the candle holders were a few dollars more at Walmart, but the plates and bowels, each 99 cents.
This was me playing with the look I wanted prior to painting and using the adhesive.
By the way, Walmart's Autumn *limited edition plates* are beautiful this year....go check it out. 
You can place whatever you want inside the cloche. I'm still playing with ideas and where I will place them, but you get the idea.
Theses cloches were fun to make. I can use these throughout the year, love them. I will be making larger ones soon.
Thanks for visiting and Happy Decorating! 
XOXO ~ Liz
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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Autumn Table Top Vignette

Hi there! Join me and I'll show you how I decorated a table in my living room for Fall.
Who loves decorating for Fall? I would love to hear what kinds of traditions you celebrate during the fall season and what room you look forward to decorating the most. 
I love those vibrant, warm, autumn colors. 
Layering items and adding texture makes for a more interesting vignette.
Here is the living room at a glance.
Below is a shot of my Autumn Arrangement during the late afternoon.
This shot is around 8:30 at night.
The video below explains where I got certain items, if any of you are interested. ;)
Thanks for visiting! 
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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Welcome To Our Wine Cellar Video Tour

 Hi there! Today, I would like to share our wine story with you. Join me and I'll take you on a tour of our wine cellar.
 When we found our home, we knew nothing about wine, absolutely nothing.
 We've been having fun learning about wine from all over the world and the different regions.
 The cellar is climate controlled and set to a brisk 55 degrees.
 We definitely have room to grow our collection.
 We use an awesome wine app called Vivino, if you love wine, this is a must "go-to" app for finding great wines.
 Vivino allows you to go to the wine stores and take a picture of the wine you are interested in and it finds the wine and shows you the rating. Awesome, awesome, awesome! 
 When we have a nice dinner, it's fun to run down to the cellar and pick a wine that pairs nicely with the meal we are making. 
 My husband has inventoried all the wine, so we know exactly where to go when we are looking for something specific.
 I love how there is cove lighting in the cellar and on dimmers. 
My husband loves red wine and love love the whites, and a good dry Rose'.
 I would love to know your favorite "go-to" wine. I may just add it to our collection. :)

Here is a video snippet our our wine cellar and our story of how we acquired this wine collection. Thanks for visiting! 
xoxo ~ Liz
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Monday, September 5, 2016

My Autumn Tree And Video

Hi Everyone, I hope you enjoyed the long extended weekend, we did. Join me today, and I will share my Autumn Tree that I decorated.
This is how my tree looked as I began to fill in with my floral picks.
I always have fun playing with different ways to add in the picks.
The colors just pop!
I love the way the light hits the top of my tree-topper in the morning.
So, this year, no deco mesh on my tree. Instead, I ran to the Dollar Tree and picked up tons of floral picks and ribbon, that's it, super simple. Umm, and cheap to boot!
 This is my black halloween tree I drag out every year. This tree was pre-lit with white lights, but I added two strands of orange lights to add that warm autumn glow at night. I began dressing the tree with the tree 
topper and worked my way down the tree. You will see more detail in the video below.
 I absolutely love this tree. It is void of any and all ornaments. So, when I say it's simple, it is! All I did was use floral picks and ribbon.
 The colors are a bit more muted that what I normally use, but I love it.
 When I think of Autumn, I think of all of these wonderful colors throughout the tree. 
 It really glows and adds warmth - very, very cozy, indeed!
 Kids love these trees, so if you have children and even if you don't, you will really enjoy this type of tree all Autumn long.
 Add some Fall ornaments, or create a "themed tree" for fall - pack the tree with pumpkins, owls, etc....and you can transition it into a Halloween Tree in October.
Below is a quick video snippet I took, I hope you like it. 

Thanks for visiting, sweet friends. 

xoxo, Liz
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Friday, September 2, 2016

Decorate Your Candle Chandelier For Fall

Hi there! Join me and I'll show you how I decorated my candle chandelier for Fall.
I found this candle chandelier at Ross for only $13.99. I knew just where I would put it, above my kitchen island. 
I dressed the chandelier by looping two different garlands around the bottom of it, and then added candles....simple, simple, simple.
 I love the ambiance, so warm and festive. has that Autumn glow. 
Below is a quick video snippet of my chandelier. 

Thanks for visiting! 
xoxo ~ Liz

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

My Autumn Mantle And Video

Hi Ladies, today I would like to share my family room mantle decorated for Fall.
So, have you all been struck by the *fall* decorating bug yet? I have! ;)
This is my Autumn mantle. It's messy, imperfect, but I like it that way. I think it adds character, ha!
I used everything I had from previous years, but added the new candle sconces from Ross. 
I added pumpkins and acorns.
My everyday greenery was used as my base, and then I began to layer with my fall floral picks and garlands.
I like adding layers because it adds depth and texture.
I added Curly Willow branches for a rustic element.
I used fall arrangements in metal vases on each end of the mantle to add balance in relation to the TV.
I love these candle sconces and they were so cheap. :)
 The LED lights behind the flat screen (which were off in this photo) cast a beautiful shadowy effect at night onto the fall mix. 
 I love wooden acorns.
 Thanks for visiting and below is a quick video snippet of my fall mantle.
xoxo, ~Liz
(Sorry for the poor video quality) 
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