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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Kicking Off My New Fall Series, You Ready?

Hi there, friends! Today, I'm kicking of my new fall series with 2 cute Dollar Tree finds/ideas. Today, while at Dollar Tree trying to conjure up something cute and festive for Fall, I came across these little candle cupcakes.
How cute are these little cupcakes? The color orange is what drew me to them, perfect for Fall!
$4.00 (a dollar each for each cupcake) + a dollar for the bag of leaves = $5.00 for a simple idea, right?
See the candle wick? Simply pull it out, it comes out super easy!
Do you have a small cloche at home? If so, pull it out, even a cute dish or small decorative plate would work, too!
Grab a bag of fall leaves.
Place some leaves down and set the cupcakes on top, easy-peasy!
See, it's a pretty cute display for any kitchen, or table vignette. 
Ok, here is idea #2 below...
I had this cloche, and purchased the tiny wreath at the Dollar tree and set it inside the cloche.
Next, I added some moss on the inside of the wreath.
Dollar Tree has a new item this year, Fall Corn. I purchased 3 and placed them on top of the moss. It's all about layering.
I love the little beads on the corn.
(3) corns + 1 bag of moss + 1 wreath = $5.00
So, for $10.00 total for both ideas....CHEAP!!
Tomorrow my fall bins come out, so tons more ideas on the way! 
Thanks for visiting! 
xoxo, Liz
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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Use What You Have

Hi there! Today, I would like to share a simple arrangement I created using items I had in my storage area. 
It's no secret, I love Roosters! So, here is the breakdown on the items used. Simple, simple, simple! Below is an old pot that I was no longer using. I like the base of it and knew I could conceal the top portion at a later time, and now is the time! :)
 It's all about layering items, so I sat this wreath right on top of the pot.
 Then came the Rooster.
And then a wire Cloche.
Then some floral picks.
 I pulled the ivy out of this arrangement to use for my new arrangement.
Base + wreath
+ Rooster
+ Wire Cloche
+ Ivy And Floral Picks
Ta Da.....DONE! 
No hot glue required, allowing me to re-purpose or use the items differently at a later date.
I sat this arrangement on a tray and placed some garden balls beside it!  
Thanks for stopping by, and have layering items you're not using, you might just end up loving it! :)
XO, ~Liz
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