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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tuscan Wall Shelf Vignette

Hello Ladies, today I would like to share a wall shelf display. 
 In the living room, I hung a grouping of three metal Fleur-de-lis on the wall.  The look by itself just wasn't doing it for me. Hmm, what to do? So, I ran to Hobby Lobby and found a black metal wall shelf, Tuscan in style, and thought it would be perfect to go under my wall arrangement.
I added a rustic green pot and placed some greenery in it, and then placed some yarn balls in amongst the greenery.
I think the wall shelf adds a bit of warmth to the whole arrangement.
I like the brown coming through on the black shelf and the distressing on it.
One a table in the living room, I added a touch of Spring by adding a big brown bunny.
I played with the arrangement by adding greenery, and greenery with grapes, but decided I liked it without the grapes.
On another table, I added a giant garden ball and placed it on a bed of greenery in a big Tuscan pot.
I like the wispy greenery, it adds a lightness and delicateness to the to display. 
I sure love accessorizing our home, it's so much fun! :)
Thanks for visiting! XO, Liz
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Monday, February 10, 2014

Wall Vignette

Hi there! It's time to share a simple wall vignette. I had a blank wall that was driving me nuts, hmm, what to do I asked myself?
Hmm....think, think, think! I know, a Tuscan Style, Rooster-themed wall vignette to go on the wall in between the kitchen and dining room, so that's what I did! ;)
I love Roosters and found these two pictures at Hobby Lobby for 50% off, so I snagged them just as fast as I could.
I found the wall shelf at Ross for $19.99. It looked Tuscan Style to me, so I grabbed it fast! I don't see these often at Ross. ;)
I adore these warm colors, and Roosters are so darn cute! 
The candle sconces are from Pier 1 Imports.
The Boxwood garden balls are from Tuesday Morning, $3.99 each. I thought it would be fun to place the Garden Balls on the sconces instead of candles.
I placed two Roosters and some greenery on the shelf.
And....whala, a cute little vignette!
I later decided to add this bowl of garden balls from Real Deals.
I love it when a plan comes together, don't you?  A once lonely blank wall turned cozy. :)
Thanks for stopping by~ Liz
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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Elements Of A Tuscan Dining Room

The elements that make up our Tuscan Style Dining room are warm earthy colors, pottery, iron looking wall art, heaving metal sconces, greenery, and faux fruit.
Wispy greenery looks more natural and makes for an elegant arrangement.
Adding greenery, or a simple garden ball adds a softness to otherwise heavy looking pieces.
I especially love to add a lot of faux fruit as we get closer to spring.
Artichokes are so pretty, add them to any bowl with a sprig of greenery and grapes, it pops!
I like to layer things. Place a bowl on top of a woven tray, it adds depth and texture.
Place an artichoke, or two, below any gives the display a bit more visual interest. 
I use candle sconces to display garden balls, it's different and I like to be different! ;)
I like to group items together to make pretty table vignettes.
Below: I took a shelf from Hobby Lobby, placed an urn with greenery on top, and set a simple moss ball beside it.
If you have a glass candle holder, fill it with a few moss balls, instead of a candle.
Once again, I added grapes to fill in...they are great space fillers! ;)
Lastly, I added two lanterns on either side of my hutch, and placed some battery operated LED candles inside. These candles are awesome...they are on timers and go on every night at 5 and go off at 9pm, which adds a lovely ambiance to the room each and every night.
The elements that make up your room are the very things that give it character, so have fun grouping items, accessorizing, and thinking out of the box.
XO, Liz
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