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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Welcome To Our Tuscan Kitchen

Join me and I'll take you on a tour around the kitchen! Are you ready for lots of photos? Ok, let's go!
Tuscan kitchens are warm, earthy, and cozy.
Accessorizing the upper cabinets is fun! I like to layer items. I find it gives character to the space. 
I hung a metal wall embellishment, and added some items that look Tuscan style.
In the photo above, I added two trays and two plants.
In another corner of the kitchen I added this French Bistro sign. I only wish it said...
~T  U  S  C  A  N  *  B  I  S  T  R  O~
In another corner I have this cute Rooster and two canisters and some greenery. 
I've had this  BON APPETIT sign forever. 
I love color, so I have these cute veggie filled glass containers and a topiary on the counter.
Glass jars are always so versatile, fill them with whatever you like.
I like to place kitchen decor in baskets, because I think it looks cute. :)
I like to create little vignettes and I change them out frequently. ;)
When we moved I got rid of all my "white" furniture, it just wasn't me. I feel much more at home in this house....this is much more my style.
I love having a big window to look out as I do the dishes. 
I love fall colors so I was drawn to these curtains from Pier 1.
I    *LOVE*   C O F F E E!!!!
So, our kitchen would not be complete without a few cafe style coffee pictures.
I like to change out the kitchen towels with my vignettes. This week I am into green.
I've had this cute little kitchen pig for a few years now, isn't he precious?
Meet Mr. Piggy, the kitchen Chef!
I'm starting to change out the winter arrangements with spring flowers. 
On each bar stool I have a seat pad and two poofy pillows.
I love the colors in this pillow and basically used it to coordinate the colors throughout the kitchen.

Here is another spring arrangement in the kitchen.
The curtains I used in the kitchen are standard length curtain panels that I swaged over the kitchen curtain rod.
I love having a l o n g kitchen island.
I'm not afraid to use faux bread and fruit in my vignettes.  I think it adds a cozy, homey feel to the kitchen.
Our kitchen has lots of lighting which is nice.
At night, I love the lights beside the kitchen sink, cozy! 
I like adding rustic elements here and there, in this case, the distressed wall candle sconce.
 I'm obsessed with filling my kitchen jars with different things like pasta, beans, and greenery.
 I got the greenery in the pasta and rice filled jar from Real looks like a big gigantic piece of Rosemary! ;)
 I like buying canisters that you can write on. It you shop T.J. Maxx, you can find these there.
Here is a little sneak peek of the dining area. I desperately need to buy curtains.
Lastly, this vignette has Spring and Summer written all over it.....hurry up Spring!
Well, thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the tour!
xoxo, Liz

Monday, February 24, 2014

Jazz Up That Kitchen

Hi Ladies, today I would like to share a few ideas from my kitchen to yours. In our home, the kitchen is the heart of the home, it's the most popular place to congregate. A place to cook, eat, and share a story, or two!
 Why not make the kitchen a cozy, comfortable atmosphere, right? I'm not afraid to use "faux" items such as faux fruit, bread, or greenery. This allows me to switch things out as I may.
 I like to group decor items.  Save those corks ladies, you can use them in your kitchen vignettes like you see here. Just place your corks into a glass cloche, or any glass container and it makes a cute centerpiece.
 I like to vary things at different heights.  Pedestals are an easy way to place items up a little higher than others.
I love big glass jars, I always change the items out seasonally. Sometimes I have apples, sometimes, I have pumpkins (for fall) and seashells/sand for summer. 
 At Hobby Lobby they have lots of glass jars filled with veggies, I love these as they add a pop of color in the kitchen.
In this glass jar I added green grass with lemons and beneath it I placed a pear twig wreath.
Here are a few more glass containers filled with veggies.
I like to add candles for adds the cozy factor.
I lover moss balls and placed these on the dining room table in a big round basket.
I found this pretty container at Real Deals and placed a bean mix inside because I liked the different variations in color.
 In another glass container I used rice and pasta and placed some tall greenery right in the middle.
Don't you love accessorizing your kitchen? I sure do! The possibilities are endless....
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