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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Getting Creative With Green And Yellow

How many of you bring items home after a shopping trip and then can't decide which way you prefer it on the table? Well, that pretty much describes me, just call me Mrs. Indecisive! ;)
Today, I got two French Garden Balls at Hobby Lobby and also purchased the two green pots.  We won't talk price, because if you know me, they're CHEAP! ;) I also got the two candle holders there, but heck, do I ever use them for candles? NO!! 
I got the Rooster and yellow candle holder there  for 50% off, yippie!  I wait for things I like to go on sale, patience is the name of the game. I never pay full price for anything.
I even got the greenery 50% off, too!
I play with different variations and heights until I get things just the way I like it. 
Sometimes I keep things simple and other times I get carried away! 
I got this moss ball at HL for $6.99 and plopped it in a bowl.
The candle holders add a little touch of Tuscan Style and the pots have a spring feel to them.
Green is my favorite color....
I got the items below from Real Deals.
Can I just say how much I love moss balls. Moss balls are such awesome space fillers. You can use them in containers, on top of candle holders, next to items, in baskets....LOVE THEM!!
 I hope my indecisiveness has given you some ideas. Have fun when you accessorize, I do, even if it takes me all day! LOL! ;)
Thanks for stopping by! ~Liz
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Monday, February 10, 2014

Wall Vignette

Hi there! It's time to share a simple wall vignette. I had a blank wall that was driving me nuts, hmm, what to do I asked myself?
Hmm....think, think, think! I know, a Tuscan Style, Rooster-themed wall vignette to go on the wall in between the kitchen and dining room, so that's what I did! ;)
I love Roosters and found these two pictures at Hobby Lobby for 50% off, so I snagged them just as fast as I could.
I found the wall shelf at Ross for $19.99. It looked Tuscan Style to me, so I grabbed it fast! I don't see these often at Ross. ;)
I adore these warm colors, and Roosters are so darn cute! 
The candle sconces are from Pier 1 Imports.
The Boxwood garden balls are from Tuesday Morning, $3.99 each. I thought it would be fun to place the Garden Balls on the sconces instead of candles.
I placed two Roosters and some greenery on the shelf.
And....whala, a cute little vignette!
I later decided to add this bowl of garden balls from Real Deals.
I love it when a plan comes together, don't you?  A once lonely blank wall turned cozy. :)
Thanks for stopping by~ Liz
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