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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

My Autumn Mantle And Video

Hi Ladies, today I would like to share my family room mantle decorated for Fall.
So, have you all been struck by the *fall* decorating bug yet? I have! ;)
This is my Autumn mantle. It's messy, imperfect, but I like it that way. I think it adds character, ha!
I used everything I had from previous years, but added the new candle sconces from Ross. 
I added pumpkins and acorns.
My everyday greenery was used as my base, and then I began to layer with my fall floral picks and garlands.
I like adding layers because it adds depth and texture.
I added Curly Willow branches for a rustic element.
I used fall arrangements in metal vases on each end of the mantle to add balance in relation to the TV.
I love these candle sconces and they were so cheap. :)
 The LED lights behind the flat screen (which were off in this photo) cast a beautiful shadowy effect at night onto the fall mix. 
 I love wooden acorns.
 Thanks for visiting and below is a quick video snippet of my fall mantle.
xoxo, ~Liz
(Sorry for the poor video quality) 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fall Entertainment Center

Happy Friday, Friends! Today, I would like to share my Entertainment Center decorated for Fall.  
On the top two shelves I have two large oversized plates in green and brown. I keep these plates out year long.
I placed a pumpkin on top of my book boxes.
On the lower two shelves, I placed two Autumn plates on either side, and accessorized with a Fall arrangement, a black bird, and a basket with a pumpkin sitting in it.
Here is the middle portion decorated. See my Owls up top? I placed the Owls in amongst greenery, fall leaves, pumpkins, and corn.
I had to Tuscan-ize this arrangement a bit, so I added my metal wall decor and hung a fall wreath from it. I sat my Tuscan canisters and two topiaries on either side.
I love this wreath.
In the below picture, I added a simple porcelain pumpkin. 
On this shelf, I added the other matching Autumn plate and placed a pumpkin in a basket.
Thanks for stopping by and have a fantastic weekend! XO, ~Liz

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Use What You Have

Hi there! Today, I would like to share a simple arrangement I created using items I had in my storage area. 
It's no secret, I love Roosters! So, here is the breakdown on the items used. Simple, simple, simple! Below is an old pot that I was no longer using. I like the base of it and knew I could conceal the top portion at a later time, and now is the time! :)
 It's all about layering items, so I sat this wreath right on top of the pot.
 Then came the Rooster.
And then a wire Cloche.
Then some floral picks.
 I pulled the ivy out of this arrangement to use for my new arrangement.
Base + wreath
+ Rooster
+ Wire Cloche
+ Ivy And Floral Picks
Ta Da.....DONE! 
No hot glue required, allowing me to re-purpose or use the items differently at a later date.
I sat this arrangement on a tray and placed some garden balls beside it!  
Thanks for stopping by, and have layering items you're not using, you might just end up loving it! :)
XO, ~Liz
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Monday, February 24, 2014

Jazz Up That Kitchen

Hi Ladies, today I would like to share a few ideas from my kitchen to yours. In our home, the kitchen is the heart of the home, it's the most popular place to congregate. A place to cook, eat, and share a story, or two!
 Why not make the kitchen a cozy, comfortable atmosphere, right? I'm not afraid to use "faux" items such as faux fruit, bread, or greenery. This allows me to switch things out as I may.
 I like to group decor items.  Save those corks ladies, you can use them in your kitchen vignettes like you see here. Just place your corks into a glass cloche, or any glass container and it makes a cute centerpiece.
 I like to vary things at different heights.  Pedestals are an easy way to place items up a little higher than others.
I love big glass jars, I always change the items out seasonally. Sometimes I have apples, sometimes, I have pumpkins (for fall) and seashells/sand for summer. 
 At Hobby Lobby they have lots of glass jars filled with veggies, I love these as they add a pop of color in the kitchen.
In this glass jar I added green grass with lemons and beneath it I placed a pear twig wreath.
Here are a few more glass containers filled with veggies.
I like to add candles for adds the cozy factor.
I lover moss balls and placed these on the dining room table in a big round basket.
I found this pretty container at Real Deals and placed a bean mix inside because I liked the different variations in color.
 In another glass container I used rice and pasta and placed some tall greenery right in the middle.
Don't you love accessorizing your kitchen? I sure do! The possibilities are endless....

Monday, February 17, 2014

Rustic Tuscan Style Shelving ~ Using Fence Posts

Hi there, today I would like to share a creative, yet VERY simple and inexpensive way to create shelving in your home.
In the above picture, you will notice the woodwork on the wall, my idea was aimed to find something similar in color for my shelf idea.
I ran to Home Depot and found two pre-stained Fence Posts, only $11.00 each. I kept them just they way they were, because I love a rustic look! If you want to make this shelf, but want a different finish, just get the plain wood and stain it to your liking.
I like seeing the knots and imperfections in the wood...that's what gives it character. :)
I didn't know what to do with this wall, so the fence posts filled it in well. I ran to Hobby Lobby to get wall brackets because I saw them on sale last week for 50% off.  I screwed the fence posts in side by side to give me the width I was looking for to be able to accessorize with different items. 
My wall brackets, only $3.99 each at HL.
I sat two Tuscan jugs side by side and added some greenery.
Now although the colors aren't a perfect match (the wood trim and shelving) it's close enough.
A simple shelf can fill a large wall space nicely, and for $30.00 and some change, not bad! 
This greenery is also from Hobby Lobby, $11.99 original price, now 50% off.
I originally got two larger brackets that were too big, so what did I do with them? I used one of them to accessorize with in the photo above. Why not, right? It looks Tuscan, so I used it! ;)
The metal and wood wall embellishment is also from HL, now 50% off.
I did this very look in my living room, because the house did not come with a mantle, so I replicated it on this wall.
I'll show you the whole room soon, one more wall to fill. HA!
Thanks for stopping by! XO, Liz
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