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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Dollar Tree Fall Candles

Hi there, I'm back with another quick Dollar Tree idea! I purchased three glass candle holders, 1 bag of faux fall leaves, three small candles, and some rope. Total cost $8.00. CHEAP!
I had a bag of faux pumpkins that I purchased from Target last year, and I dropped a thin layer of pumpkins into each glass holder and placed a candle in each one.
 I then tied two leaves onto each glass candle holder using rope.
I placed the candles into a tuscan style tray and then added corn and a few wooden acorns.
 I just love all the fall colors together.
Whala, wall "fall" vignette, complete! 
I like the fall candles up next to the Roo pictures.
This is how it looks without the candles lit.
Now look how pretty they look WHEN lit!
 I just love the glow of Autumn.
Simple. Inexpensive. Festive.
If you decide to make a few of your own, enjoy the beautiful glow, I sure am! :)
Thanks for stopping by! xoxo, Liz
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Sunday, July 27, 2014

LED Light Strips...My new LOVE!

Hello! I purchased some LED Lights and had to share them with you. See the picture below? Well, this is where the fireplace sits and it's always such a dark area in this room, so I decided to move a flat screen TV above the mantle and add some LED light strips to lighten the space up.
I got this light kit and Home Depot and needed two packages to go all the way around the perimeter of the 50" TV.
 When you take them out of the box, this is what it looks like. It comes with a remote and has several different color options. You can go bright, or dim the colors down depending on your mood.
All you do is stick the lights on wherever you want them and they stay put.  It's that easy! The colors are awesome. You can match the color to go with your decor, too! Ha! My hubby stuck them on for me.
This was what it looked like when we turned them on for the first time.
We then installed the bracket and we were ready to place TV.
We put on Man Of Steel and the blue color just seemed fitting.
I could have gone with a larger flat screen, but decided against it, because I still want to be able to decorate my mantle through the seasons.
This is with an orange back light.
I must say, the orange light got me thinking of fall colors and pumpkins....can't wait!
It adds that little touch of ambiance I was looking for.
Here is some accessorizing I did as well. I placed a tray and candles down on top of the coffee table.
I placed a lantern on top of a little trunk, added some greenery, a wicker vase and placed a ball on top of it that says peace.
I love brown and green together.
Here is how the mantle looks during daytime hours. I will have to share some night shots, because the LED lights really POP at night.
I added some candle sconces on either side of the fireplace and placed garden balls on top.
So, there you have it....adding LED lighting to my decor. Hope you like it! :)
Thanks for visiting! XOXO, ~Liz

Saturday, June 28, 2014

New Curtains Ordered From Wayfair

Happy Friday! Today, I would like to share some new curtains I ordered from A home, just isn't a home (to me) if it doesn't have the warmth of curtains on the windows.
I purchased the Stripped Faux Silk Taffeta Curtains. I like my curtains to slightly puddle on the ground, so instead of the 84" standard window length, I got the 50"X108" length.  I am so pleased with the quality. These curtains are heavy and lined with white on the inside. I think they really look like silk, but without the price, faux is just fine with me. ;)
I had initially thought to use curtain clips, but decided that I liked the 
Pole Pocket with Hook Belt and Back Tabs just fine.
I purchased the curtain rod from Home Depot.
See, is this window calling for curtains, or
I hung the curtains and then decided I needed to add a little Tuscan flair! ;) So, up went a metal wall embellishment.
See, this window just needed a little drama. Boring to better, right?
I started to move my accessories around, brought in some black accents (like a bookcase) which I am using to showcase some cute kitchen/Tuscan-style decor.
I love the colors yellow, red, gold, brown, and green together.
I tried to find items in my storage area that would coordinate with my new curtains.
Does it look Tuscan-esque to you?
My chairs go well with the curtains, too!
To the far left, I removed the wall shelf and brought in the black bookcase. As cheap as the bookcase is, I still like seeing my nick-nacky things. I can't help myself, lol! 
(a few pictures down, you'll see the bookcase)
I added a lemon next to Mr. Roo for summer!
Here's my old Walmart bookcase.
I love displaying this cookbook, Savoring Tuscany.
Adding little jugs and topiary plants here and there.
Placed a fork and spoon in this add a little kitchen feel to it!
I like to add lots of garden balls into my summer decor, actually they are a staple in my everyday decor. Ha!
Here is the Rooster arrangement I just shared.  
Here sits another Roo right on top of the black bookcase.
 Adding lemons and oranges to my summer decor.
Lastly, and it's so true...the kitchen is the heart of the home! :)
Isn't is funny how changing one thing (in my case, the curtains) leads to more changes in accessorizing, or re-arranging furniture? Does that happen to you, too? ;) 
Cha-cha-changes! I liked these curtains so much, I ordered another set for my sliding glass door. I'll share that soon!
Have a great weekend, everyone! 
XOXO, ~Liz
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