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Friday, March 13, 2015

Spring Decor

Hi everyone, is anyone still around? :) Sorry for not posting since Christmas, we've been super busy. My four daughters participate in *All Star Competitive Cheer* so between that and school, I've not had a lot of time to post.
Today, I will do a quick post of some of my spring decor.
I changed up the dining room area and added this vignette with lots of yellows and greens.
In the family room, I added this lemon wreath and decor accents, in yellow.
In the kitchen, I added faux lemons to my wire cloche.
In the family room, on other side of the fireplace, I added these little garden balls to my mirrored candle sconces.
On my Baker's Rack, I added a small plant to my cookbooks.
I love decorating with faux artichokes, so I placed some in a basket of greenery, on my Baker's Rack.
On my Hutch, I added this vignette. I bring this look out every spring.
On the kitchen table, I added green plates with large brown chargers and placemats. I have a lot of greens, yellows, golds, browns, and reds in this area.
In the kitchen, I added these cute glass jars and filled them with pasta.
Here on the Baker's Rack sits a cute Rooster and other decor items.
I found matching candle holders at Marshall's and on clearance. I added some decorative rock and a simple candle.
On the coffee table, I added this grass arrangement and two book boxes with a large decorative ball.
On the entertainment center, I added a yellow rustic pot with a garden ball, and a sign that says, family! :)
Also, on the coffee table, sits a very large oversized bowl, filled with garden balls.
I moved my black hutch from the formal dining room to the informal dining room.
So there you have it, our home decorated for spring. :)  Thanks for stopping by and for all the sweet comments that have been left since Christmas. ((Hugs and Love)) ~Liz

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Tuscan Style Vignettes

Hi there, friends! I hope you had a great weekend! Today, I would like to share some Tuscan style vignettes I created last week.
Ok y'all, I went to Ross last week and found some Tuscan - style jugs. I snatched them FAST and they were VERY inexpensive. I placed them on my Hobby Lobby outdoor table that I use indoors. ;)
I tried them in several different vignettes and thought I would share the pictures. I tweak, tweak, and tweak some more until I get it just the way I like it. ;)
Mr. Roo found his way into the arrangement.  I'm really into yellow and green right now.
I found this pretty plate and bowl at Marshall's last week and placed a French Garden ball into the bowl.  
I love these French garden balls and you can buy these at Real Deals.

I tried it two different ways. I 1st placed the plate on a plate holder in one of my wire cake holders, and set the bowl and garden ball inside it. 
I  then moved it to the dining room table and placed it on a place mat.
I got a Baker's Rack at Hobby Lobby last week and had fun decorating it.
Faux Pears sitting on a bed of greenery, perfect for Spring!
Here is the top part of the Baker's Rack.
I'm starting to add bits and pieces of Spring here and there!
Marshall's has a lot of inexpensive pottery. I bought this pot and dropped another French Garden Ball inside it! 
I brought my Tuscan bowl into the vignette and placed it on a wicker tray, added a bunny, and some pastel Easter Eggs.
In the photo below, I was playing around with different ideas and ways to incorporate the jugs into a vignette.
I added a little moss to make this vignette look a bit more rustic in appearance.
I experimented with the jugs and dropped topiaries into each one.
Green, green, green....I'm addicted to the color green! ;) It's my favorite color, all different shades of green. 
I love cozy corners with lamps...
I even played with different tables, ha! 
This table won!
I added this metal Roo and added greenery.
And then added a rustic black mirror above the shelf.
I played with the idea of using a placemat behind the plant to add some texture.
And here is the vignette without the placemat.
 Bring on the Spring decor.....
I hope you enjoyed all my "tweaking" ideas. Tweaking is the fun part of decorating, as it allows the creativity gates to open up. The possibilities are endless.;)
Thanks for stopping by!
Big ((Hugs)) ~Liz
Side Note: I will be replying to comments here on my blog from now on, it's so much easier that way. So, check back. :)
Up next: Our Tuscan Dining Room
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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Getting Creative With Green And Yellow

How many of you bring items home after a shopping trip and then can't decide which way you prefer it on the table? Well, that pretty much describes me, just call me Mrs. Indecisive! ;)
Today, I got two French Garden Balls at Hobby Lobby and also purchased the two green pots.  We won't talk price, because if you know me, they're CHEAP! ;) I also got the two candle holders there, but heck, do I ever use them for candles? NO!! 
I got the Rooster and yellow candle holder there  for 50% off, yippie!  I wait for things I like to go on sale, patience is the name of the game. I never pay full price for anything.
I even got the greenery 50% off, too!
I play with different variations and heights until I get things just the way I like it. 
Sometimes I keep things simple and other times I get carried away! 
I got this moss ball at HL for $6.99 and plopped it in a bowl.
The candle holders add a little touch of Tuscan Style and the pots have a spring feel to them.
Green is my favorite color....
I got the items below from Real Deals.
Can I just say how much I love moss balls. Moss balls are such awesome space fillers. You can use them in containers, on top of candle holders, next to items, in baskets....LOVE THEM!!
 I hope my indecisiveness has given you some ideas. Have fun when you accessorize, I do, even if it takes me all day! LOL! ;)
Thanks for stopping by! ~Liz
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