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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

It's Autumn In August

Hi there! Yes, you read the title correct, it sure is Autumn in August over at...The Tuscan Home.
Every year, right before the kids go back to school, I get busy decorating for Fall. Join me, and I will share what I have completed around the house.
I have lots of metal and Iron wall decor, and all through the year, I simply change out the wreaths with the seasons.
I have a black hutch in the kitchen dining area. I love adding fall colors, because it looks cozy against the black backdrop.
On the top of my hutch I added a large basket and filled it with pumpkins and gourds. I added two fall leaf garlands and two berry garlands to add dimension.
Here is another example of adding a wreath to metal wall decor. In this photo I hung my wreath with wire ribbon.
In the family room, on a sofa table I added a few leaf plates.
Here is the family room mantle. I added a lit fall leaf garland and some berry garlands, too! I placed twig pumpkins in amongst the garland. 
I adore the the earthy, warm, fall colors throughout the house.  
I always have an Autumn Tree, so this year my theme is a Pumpkin Tree.
I used a large twig pumpkin as my tree topper, ha! I added tons of fall leaves, twig branches, and beige deco mesh and wired ribbon. 
Happy Harvest, y'all! ;)
In the living room I added two wooden pumpkins in amongst some greenery. 
In the kitchen, I filled up a huge glass canister with tons of multi-colored beans that you can buy at the grocery store. I placed some greenery in the beans and then layered it with some tall fall floral picks.  I took out my pumpkin wax warmer, and placed some "pumpkin spice" wax melts inside, can you smell the pumpkin now??? ;)
In the dining room, I hung a wreath in the window and placed an Autumn floral arrangement beneath it.
Here is the kitchen dining area with the hutch decorated for Fall.
In the office I sat a pumpkin on top of the greenery.
I love this family platter I found at Walmart two years ago.  I placed some sunflower floral picks just under the platter.
Last week, I found these two pretty cloches at Tuesday Morning and placed some Fall Potpourri inside the cloches, to add a splash of color.
In the dining room, I layered with pumpkins, leaves, gourds, and acorns...right around my candle centerpiece.
In this glass vase, I placed fall apples and acorns in around my candle.
 In this photo, I added a fall twig pumpkin that has berries, a small pumpkin, and a big leaf on it.
Here is the living room. I will share better pictures soon. It was hard to get a good shot with my iPhone.
I filled a large glass vase with rustic pumpkins and placed them around my candle.
Here is a shot of our dining room.
I'm in love with the super tall windows in the living room, it lets so much light in. :)
I decorated my mirror by hanging the letter R (for our last name) and added a fall berry garland at the top. I also decorated the home office, too! 
Well, although it's still summer, and I'm loving every second of it, I am also enjoying my warm, cozy, and earthy Autumn decor, during summer, ha! I know, I'm crazy-e!
Thanks for visiting! xo, ~Liz
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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fall Broomstick

Hi there! Yesterday, while at the grocery store, I spotted a Fall Broomstick in the floral section of Safeway. I thought it was a cute idea for fall. So, I gathered my supplies and headed home to make one.
If you have a Safeway close by, you can pick up several different styles of leaves and dried ones, too! This is what I picked up!
 I got two different colors of ribbon, I love the silk ribbon, burlap would be another great idea, too!
 There are different aromatic broomsticks to choose from, I got the Pumpkin Cinnamon, it smells soooooo good!
You can use a hot glue gun, but I decided to use some garden wire instead, easy!
 Just tie your bundle of leaves together using the garden wire and finish off the look by tying your silk ribbon over the garden wire to conceal it. 
I double tied my bows.
 Isn't it a cute idea for Fall? Thank you Safeway! ;)  Of course, if you do not have a Safeway in your area, you can find these items at any craft store.
 I love the pop of color against the dark broomstick.
I may make another broomstick and hang two on my double French doors.
Well, I hope you like this idea, the creativity is endless.  If you make one, I would love to see it!
Thanks for visiting! xo, Liz
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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fall Frenzy

Alright, alright, who is seeing the fall frenzy all over town? Well, just about everywhere I go, FALL decor is everywhere!!! I am now suffering from "fall" on the brain, I can't stop obsessing over how I will decorate this year.
I am so ready for boo-blinker lights, orange, green, brown, red, and yellow colors filling the house. 
 I also can't wait for the smell of pumpkin spice candles. 
Fall crafting is always fun, there is so much inspiration out there. I made these last year.
Are you seeing Fall decor in your town?
I usually start before school starts, but why not sooner? Hmmm.....because I can, and I'm crazy that way, ha! ;)
This was my kitchen mantle last year, cozy!
Are you ready for some fall cooking? I am! 
Are you ready to get your chalkboards ready to say...
I'm ready to get my fall table runners out and pretty fall arrangements.
I'm looking forward to adding to existing greenery by simply adding a few fall floral pics.
So, my question to you is....
Would you like me to share my fall decor sooner than later?  I am seriously debating pulling out my storage bins and starting the fall transformation. 
(Where is the blush icon?)
Let me know when you start you're fall transformation, I would love to know! 
Tootles, ~Liz
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