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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Autumn Table Display

Hi there! I hope everyone is having a fantastic week! Well, the weather here in Washington has changed, it is now cooler and rainy, so I am back in "nesting" mode, ha!  
 I started off by hanging a fall wreath from my mirror using burlap ribbon.
 Two Tuscan style pots sit beside a galvanized metal basket  holder which is filled with wooden acorns and a mix of faux pumpkins and gourds.
 The colors POP against the black table and mirror.
 The Gourds in the wreath mimic the Gourds in the metal basket.
 The Pineapple basket I always use in entryways, because the pineapple symbol has been a universal sign of hospitality and welcome for many centuries all over the world.
If you have a basket, a basket of any shape and size....just toss some pumpkins and fall leaves inside, and ba-bam, instant color and impact! 
Beside my table sits two Tuscan style chairs, and this completes my foyer Fall Display!
 I have a ton of things to show you, so stay tuned!
 Thanks for stopping by! XOXO, ~Liz
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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tuscan Mantle Revised And Home Theater - TEASER!

Happy Thursday, friends! Today, I would like to share a few changes on my living room mantle.
My mantle was previously on the blah side, so I decided to jazz it up a little, nothing a little greenery and accessorizing can't fix, right?
I added candle sconces on either side of the metal wall embellishment.  The candles are LED and on timers, which I love.  The candles kick on at 5pm and go off at 9pm.
I adore book boxes and add them all over my house to add height.
I placed faux fern greenery in my glass canisters on either side of the mantle.
I like the fullness on the mantle, before is looked a bit sparse to me.
The ferns look like palm trees to me, perfect for summer, ha!
Greenery can always fill a blank and open space so well.
Don't you enjoy changing things around from time to time?  I do, and do it frequently, I can't help myself! ;)
Coming up...
Below is a little TEASER....
Getting creative with CANVAS!
I picked out 4 yards of material at Hobby Lobby and now I'm about to get to work by using a staple gun to staple the fabric to the canvas.
Some may ask....why is it necessary to add acoustic wall panels to your theater? Well, it's important because it improves the sound and tonal balance while minimizing reflections in your entertainment space.
I'm excited to share our home theater with all of you, it's been a work in progress.  I ordered 8 curtain panels (room darkening curtains) this week, so more on this room later. 
Thanks for visiting! xo, ~Liz
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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tuscan Wall Shelf Vignette

Hello Ladies, today I would like to share a wall shelf display. 
 In the living room, I hung a grouping of three metal Fleur-de-lis on the wall.  The look by itself just wasn't doing it for me. Hmm, what to do? So, I ran to Hobby Lobby and found a black metal wall shelf, Tuscan in style, and thought it would be perfect to go under my wall arrangement.
I added a rustic green pot and placed some greenery in it, and then placed some yarn balls in amongst the greenery.
I think the wall shelf adds a bit of warmth to the whole arrangement.
I like the brown coming through on the black shelf and the distressing on it.
One a table in the living room, I added a touch of Spring by adding a big brown bunny.
I played with the arrangement by adding greenery, and greenery with grapes, but decided I liked it without the grapes.
On another table, I added a giant garden ball and placed it on a bed of greenery in a big Tuscan pot.
I like the wispy greenery, it adds a lightness and delicateness to the to display. 
I sure love accessorizing our home, it's so much fun! :)
Thanks for visiting! XO, Liz
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