Friday, March 9, 2018

Kitchen Tour

Hi guys, I hope you all are doing well. Today, I would like to share a kitchen tour with you, and our family room as well! 
Family Room
Hanging window with Edison lights, wreath and sign. I used this window to add some separation from the kitchen to family room.
The galvanized tray is from Homegoods, the cow sign, from Walmart, the pig I got at a boutique, the cloche from Homegoods, and the milk container from Ross.
I added the Pellegrino to my pantry basket.
A look into the family room.
My Mantle.
I had it decorated like this previously, but de-cluttered to have the above look.
Kitchen below.
Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful weekend! xoxo 😘 


  1. It all looks just SO SO SO lovely. Fresh and clean lines and lovely for Spring. It is hard to believe how much you have changed over in the last few months---I love the changes, Liz. xo Diana

  2. I loved the video; thank you for sharing your lovely home.

  3. Hi Liz! I absolutely love what you did in your kitchen and family room! Simply beautiful!!! Your daughters are so pretty! God bless them ! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Your kitchen and family room are so pretty, Liz! You have created such a cozy feeling....especially with all that snow falling outside!
    Warm hugs, Carol

  5. I am soooo glad your back! I check every few weeks to see if you have posted anything. I'm transitioning from Tuscan to Farmhouse, so I really enjoyed your video and recent posts.

  6. Love your kitchen and family room! You do have a way with putting things together. Everything looks terrific. (love your FR curtains)
    Nice to see a picture of your girls...not little anymore. They are gorgeous!
    Take care

  7. I love it! And! Those cannot be your babies! Who swapped out your little girls and replaced them with teenagers?! Oh my! They are gorgeous. Can't wait to hear what has kept you so busy. Inquiring minds and all that. haha. :)

  8. So very pretty. I am loving your style. Thanks for sharing your lovely home. Happy spring.

  9. LOVE your kitchen and how you have transitioned to farmhouse. Thanks for the tour. I look forward to seeing the NEW kitchen. SO glad you are back!

  10. LIZ, love the new look, sorry I have been away from looking at your post. I had 2 major back surgeries in 2 days in April. It has been a rough recovery, but I am doing alot better now. I must say I miss your tuscan look home, but I know everyone likes to change things up. Very pretty the way you have it decorated. XoXo ~ Mary


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