Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Welcome To Our Wine Cellar Video Tour

 Hi there! Today, I would like to share our wine story with you. Join me and I'll take you on a tour of our wine cellar.
 When we found our home, we knew nothing about wine, absolutely nothing.
 We've been having fun learning about wine from all over the world and the different regions.
 The cellar is climate controlled and set to a brisk 55 degrees.
 We definitely have room to grow our collection.
 We use an awesome wine app called Vivino, if you love wine, this is a must "go-to" app for finding great wines.
 Vivino allows you to go to the wine stores and take a picture of the wine you are interested in and it finds the wine and shows you the rating. Awesome, awesome, awesome! 
 When we have a nice dinner, it's fun to run down to the cellar and pick a wine that pairs nicely with the meal we are making. 
 My husband has inventoried all the wine, so we know exactly where to go when we are looking for something specific.
 I love how there is cove lighting in the cellar and on dimmers. 
My husband loves red wine and love love the whites, and a good dry Rose'.
 I would love to know your favorite "go-to" wine. I may just add it to our collection. :)

Here is a video snippet our our wine cellar and our story of how we acquired this wine collection. Thanks for visiting! 
xoxo ~ Liz
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  1. I, too, love white wines. My personal favorites are Rieslings...
    Soqualmie Naked Riesling
    Bloom Riesling
    Schmitt-Sohne Riesling
    several Chardonnays

    Love your wine cellar!!

    1. Hi Susan,
      I'm so glad you mentioned the wines you like. I am definitely going to look into those wines because I LOVE Rieslings, too! Thanks so much for sharing with me. 👍😀

  2. I prefer dry wines. My favorite wine is a Cabernet Sauvignon. Sipping wine while cooking, is very relaxing!!!

    Thank you for sharing! xo

    1. I agree, sipping wine while cooking is relaxing. I also prefer a dry red wine. 🍷👍😀

  3. Wow! I have to admit I'm not much of a wine drinker, but that room is impressive! That is going to be an awesome adventure learning about all these. Vineyard tours sound fun..maybe I will go on one next month!

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      I think you would enjoy a vineyard tour, it's so pretty and relaxing. You can usually purchase a cheese/meat/bread platter and enjoy it with the wine of your choice while admiring the pretty surroundings. ;)

  4. Hi Liz! It is so nice seeing you blogging again. You were missed! I enjoyed learning about your wine cellar. That's a lot of wine! Lol I am looking forward to all of your fall and Christmas decor posts and videos..I subscribed so I don't miss anything. ;)

    1. Lu, I was happy to see your comment. How are you, sweet friend? Are you decorating for Fall yet? I hope all is well and I'm so glad you stopped by. ❤️😀🍂

  5. Hi liz!I am good! I've lost your email, do you still have mine? Have you been to Homegoods recently? They have the prettiest,beaded pumpkin pillows. You don't have to post this..just wanted to ket you know about the pillows and see if you still have my email! Lol

  6. That wine cellar is the thing dreams are made of! My husband and I are both Cabernet Sauvignon drinkers but, in all honestly, we’ve seldom met a red wine we didn’t like. You should take a look at the Roche Family Winery in Sonoma. We visited San Francisco three years ago and we are still on their wine club list. They are THAT good! El Nino Vino is our favorite red blend but everything they make is wonderful!


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