Wednesday, August 31, 2016

My Autumn Mantle And Video

Hi Ladies, today I would like to share my family room mantle decorated for Fall.
So, have you all been struck by the *fall* decorating bug yet? I have! ;)
This is my Autumn mantle. It's messy, imperfect, but I like it that way. I think it adds character, ha!
I used everything I had from previous years, but added the new candle sconces from Ross. 
I added pumpkins and acorns.
My everyday greenery was used as my base, and then I began to layer with my fall floral picks and garlands.
I like adding layers because it adds depth and texture.
I added Curly Willow branches for a rustic element.
I used fall arrangements in metal vases on each end of the mantle to add balance in relation to the TV.
I love these candle sconces and they were so cheap. :)
 The LED lights behind the flat screen (which were off in this photo) cast a beautiful shadowy effect at night onto the fall mix. 
 I love wooden acorns.
 Thanks for visiting and below is a quick video snippet of my fall mantle.
xoxo, ~Liz
(Sorry for the poor video quality) 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Chalkboards In The Kitchen + Some Fall Inspiration

 Happy Monday, everyone! Today, I would like to share three chalkboards I have in the kitchen. The one you see directly below I found at HomeGoods. 
 This  chalkboard was a tiny project. It was actually a picture and I painted the glass with Chalkboard paint, and repurposed it.  I hung this chalkboard on my pantry door using Velcro Sticky Back Tape. Let me tell you, this tape holds. 
This chalkboard I also found at HomeGoods and it sits on the kitchen island.
 Chalkboards are fun to use for decorating because you can change the text and pictures through the seasons.
 Now onto some inspiration I found at Pier 1 Imports. I absolutely love their seasonal plates and these Autumn plates are gorgeous.
 Another idea is placing mini lights in your lanterns. I did this in my family room lantern, but I added pumpkins and autumn leaves....I like to call it - Fall in a Lantern. I will share this soon.
 The pillows are adorable. You don't need to break the bank adding new fall pillows to your sofas, simply add a fall pillow to the mix, or place on a chair.
 Adding dried fall foliage to containers you have at home is a simple way to add those warm autumn colors to any room.
Isn't this pretty? Decorating with plates, containers, and fall foliage in big containers really brings that warmth to any space.
Well, I hope you gathered a few ideas when you are ready to decorate for Fall. Get those ideas flowing....I did! ;)  Thanks for visiting. 

XO ~Liz

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Suspended Ladder Project

Happy Wednesday! Today, I would like to share my suspended ladder project. Many of you may recall my "white" hanging ladder many years ago. I would decorate the ladder through the seasons. Well, I really miss it, so I decided to make my very own hanging ladder, just in time for fall.
Where did I get my inspiration for a DIY ladder? I will tell you. Suzy from Worthington Court. She explains with pictures how to make this ladder for under $20.00. She did not hang her ladder, but I did. This is my version - in black. You can paint or stain the wood in any color you like, or leave it completely untouched for a rustic touch.
  It took me 15 minutes to assemble the ladder including measuring my slats, pre-drilling then adding the screws. I wrote down all the dimensions (per Suzy's blog post) and went to Lowes and had them make all the cuts for me. Can you say ~ simple? 
 I did pre-drill the holes because I didn't want the wood to split or crack.
I put the screws in and was done. Seriously, it was just that simple.
 I  then painted the wood starting with the brown paint color as I was unsure what color I wanted to go with. 
This is the ladder painted brow. I didn't sand the wood, as I wanted a rustic look.
 I decided that I wanted the end look to be black - to match my kitchen table and hutch set.
I pre-drilled and placed this hook on all four sides, so I could attach my chain and hang it from the ceiling.
 These are the hooks and chain I purchased.
Adding the chain.
Here is the ladder before adding the hooks and chain.  I could have found several uses for it. I could have leaned it up against a wall and used it as a blanket holder, or a towel holder in a bathroom.
Here my ladder is suspended from the ceiling.
 I had some glass shelves and placed those on top of the ladder so I could set things up there evenly.
 This is the finished look.
Umm, did I forget to mention that I have already started to decorate for fall? *blush* 
I got so into the fall decorating that I decided to make my family a fall meal, Butternut-squash soup with crumbled bacon on top and ciabatta bread for dipping. It was delish!
I've got a super cool project to share that only cost $40.00 and adds the WOW factor to any kitchen. I will be sharing that next, and lots of Autumn decorating, too!
I've got my pumpkin spice candles going and the house is super cozy in Autumn colors, and I'm loving it! Thanks for visiting! 
XOXO, ~Liz
~Throwback Pictures~

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