Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Peek Around The Autumn Filled House

Hi there, friends! Would you like to take a quick tour around the house? Ok, follow me! 
Don't you just love Autumn colors? Fall colors feel so warm and cozy and that's how I was trying to make our house feel like this season.
My Autumn tree is up, and is OWL themed this year! Can I get a WOOT-WOOT? ;) I sat the tree in a basket and plan to fill the basket with real pumpkins and gourds.
 Above is the informal dining room decorated for Fall.
 Last week, I shared my chandelier decked for fall, here it is again!
Below is the front sitting room.
 On the coffee table, I added some real baby pumpkins and corn to my everyday greenery.
Here is the kitchen decorated for Fall.
 Cozy. Casual. Comfortable.
Here is the foyer area.
This display is in the entry.
 So is this....
Below is my chalkboard door I created with Happy Fall Y'all written on it.
This is our dining room.
Isn't Mr. Owl cute sitting perched atop the fall leaves.

More on my fall tree later...
A view into the dining area.
I have several bowls filled with autumn berries and candles.
Below is the family room area.
 Coffee table display.
My Baker's Rack display!
Our Living Room Mantle.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the little tour! Thanks for visiting, sweet friends! 
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  1. Beautiful home Liz ! All your fall decorating is amazing ! Love your tree !

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!:):):) It looks fab as usual Liz:)

  3. You win the prize for most decorated Fall home! As always, you didn't leave one detail out ... it all looks fabulous, and your everyday color palette works beautifully with your Fall goodies! xoxo

  4. Hi Becca,
    You are so kind, thank you dear friend! xoxo

  5. I so wish I could decorate like you! What vision! and so comfy and cozy. :)

  6. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!! You are an AMAZING decorator!!! Thank you for sharing your home and all your beautiful decorating ideas! Take care and God bless!!

  7. Absolutely beautiful! You have done an amazing job. Perfection!

  8. Liz, everything looks so pretty and cozy! You are all set for Fall! Your talent is amazing! Feel free to come over and work your magic here!

  9. Great job as always Liz...just beautiful! So funny we have alot of the same pcs from Hobby Lobby lol. Happy fall!

    1. Hi Jackie,
      Thank you! Happy Fall to you as well! xo

  10. Liz, you never disappoint! Gorgeous Fall decor as always. Your home looks beautiful! Hugs, Maria

  11. Love it all, Liz! Your home always looks so warm and cozy, whether it's decorated for Fall or not. Fall colors are your home's colors. Even when I try to lighten things up around our home, I am still drawn back to the richness of color.

  12. Whenever I come to your blog I get this instant sense of calm and ahhhh! Everything always looks so terrific. It doesn't matter what home you've been in, you always put that beautiful Liz spin on it and make it look so gorgeous>

  13. Hi Jeanette,
    Your comment means a lot, thank you sweet friend! xo, Liz

  14. Thanks, now we can see the big picture...very beautiful!

  15. So warm and inviting! The owl tree is just awesome! Love your talent! Blessings!

  16. This whole post just makes me smile. :-) So cozy, you just sink into the warmth and welcome and feel right at home. What a happy place to live (well, the wonderful people who live there add to that too!)

  17. Beautiful! I love the coziness feel of your home! Thanks for sharing.

  18. BEAUTIFUL as always Liz!! Love your Fall themed tree soooooooo cute!!

  19. Thank you Martina! Have a wonderful weekend! xo

  20. Beautiful! You are so talented and creative!

  21. I am so glad I found this on a linky party! I am still not getting e-mail notifications? I love, LOVE your home. We both love the same colors. I think you must have as many Fall bins as I do...or MORE:):) Love it all, you have "the touch". XO

  22. As if your not busy enough I have a request, can you post pics of all your different kitchens? I loved the one you had back east with the red and black, with the holidays coming, there was something you did in the kitchen above the buffet that I would like to duplicate but can't remember exactly how you did it. I vaguely remember a mirror above it.

    I fact it would be cool to see a post with all your houses. I loved the laundry room in your rental, the game room in your last house, and the kitchen breakfast room in the east house.
    It's just a thought glad your back, we've missed you!!!!!


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