Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Let's talk Pumpkins

Hi there! Many of you will be pulling out your fall pumpkins (if you haven't already) in the next few weeks.  The anticipation of fall, cooler weather, and cozy homes are driving many of us to start early. I am one of them! ;)
Today, I'm going to share a few ideas on how to "jazz up" how your pumpkins are displayed.  
Place a few pumpkins and gourds on a pedestal and add some fall leaves and berries. Simple. Festive. Pretty.
Here I have mixed one pumpkin in amongst my fall owls and leaves display.
Add your everyday greenery in with your pumpkin display, it tends to soften the look.
Add pumpkins in with greenery, artichokes, corn, berries, and a sunflower, or two!
If you have a dining room that doesn't get used often, why not decorate the table for fall. Place a charger down, put a plate on top of the charger, and add a pumpkin for a cute fall table display.
Instead of placing candles on your candle holders, place pumpkins on top.
 When decorating your hutches, or shelves, add greenery and fall plates.
If you have baskets or decorative boxes, add some greenery and set pumpkins down on it.
If you have a cloche, add glittery faux pumpkins, it adds a beautiful pop of color in any room.
Take your big glass candle holders and drop in a bag of pumpkin potpourri and add a festive fall candle.
Add pumpkins around your candles.
Fill a basket with some moss and set pumpkins on top.
Use pumpkins next to your table centerpiece.
Scatter pumpkins along any shelf using different sizes and styles.
Real pumpkins are best, so add them to your tabletops, so festive! Thanks for visiting! 
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  1. Pumpkin season - My favorite season of all. I just put out some of my Fall decor yesterday and it's amazing how happy it makes me feel.

  2. Hello Liz!! Your home looks and feels so warm and cozy!! Beautiful decorating!! Don't you just love all the rich colors of fall? I sure do!!!

  3. Liz, all of your vignettes are so pretty! It looks like Fall is in full swing over at your place! Everything looks so warm and inviting. Your seasonal decor always gets me in the mood!

  4. Wow, you have so many wonderful pumpkins and wonderful ways to use them! I am so glad I didn't throw away some greenery when we cleaned out the garage a couple of weeks ago! I am definitely tucking some in!

  5. Omg where did you get those Tuscan dining room chairs?

  6. Looks a "Fallish & Festive," Liz! Mine is done (I know there is some tweaking to do -- part of the fun), and I'm editing some pics today for next week's post. Now, if our weather would just cooperate!

  7. Liz, hi!!!!!! Missed you and your blog and have been trying to find your blog for past year. Thought I would try again today because I love Fall and know you do as well. Hope you are all well and will have to pour over your all your posts!!!! :) ((((Hugs)))

  8. Great post. Great tips and beautiful pics. Come and link up at The Fall Linky Party!


  9. You always do an amazing job on your fall decor. Those owls are too cute. I saw that at Pier I and was tempted. I see a trip back!

  10. I have to confess I just love your pumpkin decor. I swear that I will start dragging out my fall containers this weekend and start my fall decorating. Where did you get the two fall owls? Those have to be the cutest owls ever..... Candy

  11. This time of year, all I want to do is talk pumpkins!Ha!
    I love your decorations!The softness and warmth that generates from your pics! And I love cute owls too :)


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