Sunday, March 2, 2014

Welcome To Our Tuscan Kitchen

Join me and I'll take you on a tour around the kitchen! Are you ready for lots of photos? Ok, let's go!
Tuscan kitchens are warm, earthy, and cozy.
Accessorizing the upper cabinets is fun! I like to layer items. I find it gives character to the space. 
I hung a metal wall embellishment, and added some items that look Tuscan style.
In the photo above, I added two trays and two plants.
In another corner of the kitchen I added this French Bistro sign. I only wish it said...
~T  U  S  C  A  N  *  B  I  S  T  R  O~
In another corner I have this cute Rooster and two canisters and some greenery. 
I've had this  BON APPETIT sign forever. 
I love color, so I have these cute veggie filled glass containers and a topiary on the counter.
Glass jars are always so versatile, fill them with whatever you like.
I like to place kitchen decor in baskets, because I think it looks cute. :)
I like to create little vignettes and I change them out frequently. ;)
When we moved I got rid of all my "white" furniture, it just wasn't me. I feel much more at home in this house....this is much more my style.
I love having a big window to look out as I do the dishes. 
I love fall colors so I was drawn to these curtains from Pier 1.
I    *LOVE*   C O F F E E!!!!
So, our kitchen would not be complete without a few cafe style coffee pictures.
I like to change out the kitchen towels with my vignettes. This week I am into green.
I've had this cute little kitchen pig for a few years now, isn't he precious?
Meet Mr. Piggy, the kitchen Chef!
I'm starting to change out the winter arrangements with spring flowers. 
On each bar stool I have a seat pad and two poofy pillows.
I love the colors in this pillow and basically used it to coordinate the colors throughout the kitchen.

Here is another spring arrangement in the kitchen.
The curtains I used in the kitchen are standard length curtain panels that I swaged over the kitchen curtain rod.
I love having a l o n g kitchen island.
I'm not afraid to use faux bread and fruit in my vignettes.  I think it adds a cozy, homey feel to the kitchen.
Our kitchen has lots of lighting which is nice.
At night, I love the lights beside the kitchen sink, cozy! 
I like adding rustic elements here and there, in this case, the distressed wall candle sconce.
 I'm obsessed with filling my kitchen jars with different things like pasta, beans, and greenery.
 I got the greenery in the pasta and rice filled jar from Real looks like a big gigantic piece of Rosemary! ;)
 I like buying canisters that you can write on. It you shop T.J. Maxx, you can find these there.
Here is a little sneak peek of the dining area. I desperately need to buy curtains.
Lastly, this vignette has Spring and Summer written all over it.....hurry up Spring!
Well, thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the tour!
xoxo, Liz


  1. I'm happy to see your beautiful new home. Your kitchen is so elegant and you've decorated it beautifully. I love all the special touches you add to your home. The Long island is spectacular! I'm not surprised you got rid of the white furniture- I didn't think it was you either!

  2. I'm in love with it all!!! You've done an amazing job on your new, BEAUTIFUL home! I can't wait to see more pics of all of your fabulous rooms. And I have to confess, clear back from when you guys were living in your VA home, I've been IN. LOOOOVE. with those lamps you have by your sink. I've seen you use them in 5 (I think!) of your homes now, and every time they pop up, they just make me smile :) Great job Liz!

  3. Beautiful, as always Liz!!
    xo Kris

  4. Just the word Tuscan wins me over, and your kitchen reflects the warmth and charm of one of my most favorite areas.

  5. What a lovely kitchen, Liz! And it is so you! Great tour.

  6. Always beautiful Liz! Really neat styling of the pasta. I hear you on your white furniture. I have strayed from my heart a time or two, and always go back to what I love in home decor! Have a super week, Jane

  7. How pretty! Thank you for kitchen tour. I love those lamps.

  8. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, your kitchen Liz!! It's so pretty!! I am so jealous of all of your space. I definitely feel the crunch in my house. You have done an amazing job. I love the curtain swagged that looks so nice. I might have to try that on a window I have in my living room. Thanks always for the inspiration!! :)

  9. Your kitchen and decor is delicious! I always loved "visiting" your home. Your style and the way you decorate is eye candy...So happy you are back sharing with us your endless ideas. You can turn any house into a beautiful home.

  10. I love your kitchen, Liz ... it's so YOU!! The Tuscan feel suits you well, and I'm not surprised one bit that you "retired" the white pieces you had placed in your other home. Your long island is gorgeous and a beautiful focal point. I had to laugh when you said you like green "this week," as that sounds like something I would say! LOL Thanks for sharing and look forward to seeing more of your new home!

  11. Beautiful kitchen, Liz! You always have such pretty vignettes! You know how much I love Tuscan style and the rich, warm colors. Each time I've tried to lighten things up, we always felt like something was missing. So, I have just decided to stick with what we know and love. The warm colors are always the first thing that everyone comments on when we entertain. So, stick with your own style! It's perfect!

  12. Love your Tuscan kitchen and all the pretty jars filled with pasta, lemons, etc. I can tell you put a lot of love into your home. Visiting from Make it Pretty Monday.

  13. SQUEAL! Yes, I squealed when I clicked on your link from Thrifty Decor Chick's page and realized it was YOU. Yay, you're one of my favorite decor people and it makes me so happy you're back!

  14. Happy Monday, Liz! I enjoy seeing bits and pieces of your new home. It is just as lovely as always. You've given me some inspiration for my new kitchen. I have some faux bread that I haven't done anything with. It is just sitting on the counter in the package. I'm surprised no one has tried to get in to it and eat it. After seeing your ideas maybe I can come up with a way to use it!! ;) thank you for always sharing with us.
    I wondered if you would stick with the white furniture! I agree with Becca..the Tuscan flair suits you very well.
    ps...I sent some photos to you!! :)
    have a great day~ Lu

  15. Love this kitchen layout. Had to scroll through the pics forever to catch everything. I love how you put things together. As much as I loved the ironwork over the sink at the other house...I love the big windows here better.
    So pretty!

    Jake's a Girl

  16. So fun getting to see your kitchen and more of your beautiful home, Liz! I really was questioning just how long you could handle that white furniture in the other house -- just did not seem like you at all. I know for sure I am not the only one who is just so very happy to have you back in blogland. You were sorely missed, Lady!

  17. Hi Liz, glad to see you back! I adore your beautiful Tuscan home. It is so warm and pretty with all of your Tuscan accents.

  18. Oh, Liz. Your kitchen is just beautiful...and SO you. It is warm and cozy and homey feeling. I love the layout and the big window over your sink (a must for me). Great lighting, too. I really like the way your kitchen ties into the dining and family (or living) room of your home. Great post, Liz. xo Diana

  19. So nice to get a peak inside your home and not to my surprise it's gorgeous! Everything just ties together so perfectly and it just spills over from one room to the next. You have a great eye! The darker furniture is definitely more you. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us!

  20. Liz, Your kitchen is beautiful and I love all the pretty details you have added.

  21. Wow, Just beautiful I love the kitchen , I can't wait to see the rest of your home.

  22. Wow, Just beautiful Can't wait to see the rest of your home.

  23. Your kitchen is just so gorgeous. I love the way you decorate.

  24. I love your Chateau Ste. Michelle tray.
    They are located not to far from me in Woodinville, WA.

  25. Very nice - so happy to see you again.

  26. Your kitchen is gorgeous. I love every picture you shared.

  27. So glad you are back sharing your beautiful home and creative decorating ideas. You have been missed.

  28. I could not locate your email address. Just wanted you to know that today you've been featured on my weekly Welcome Wagon Friday, where I introduce new bloggers to my readers. You should be receiving visitors shortly. Welcome to our neighborhood!

  29. I found your blog through Brenda's Cozy Little House.. Your kitchen is "to die for".. I love the earthy colors and most of all, I'd LOVE to have a window like yours over my sink.. If I had the space that you have I'd have the same kind of decorations..
    I don't have a blog of my own but love to read and see what other women share.. I will add you to my favorites list.
    Have a beautiful weekend.
    Charlotte in Virginia

  30. Hi Liz, I'm popping over from the Welcome Wagon at Cozy Little House. What a beautiful kitchen you have! So much character and warmth. Love all the pretty details!

    Creating a Life

  31. Liz, it's so warm and inviting! Thank you for sharing! You are one of the fan favorites at the Sunday Showcase from the Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Here is the link to the Showcase so you can check out your feature. Hope to see you again tomorrow at the bash! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  32. I love your Tuscan style kitchen Liz, it's fabulous! I too love the warmeth of the Wooden cabinets in the kitchen. When we designed our pent house apartment they made a mistake and placed us an all White kitchen, which it wasn't bad, but not my taste. Now I have just what I love. Your kitchen's accessories are perfect, you did a magnificent job!

  33. I have SO missed your blog!! I was absolutely delighted when I saw it was you! Looking forward to more inspiration from your always beautiful decor.

  34. Lovely vignettes. Beautiful kitchen, wonderful pictures. Love your lamps. I also have a lamp on my cabinet and the cord is a source of aggravation. I see none on yours, how do you do this Thanks for the pleasure of viewing your kitchen.

  35. LOVE it, Liz. It is so warm and inviting, and I too love the fall colors....all year long. Did I mention that I am glad your back?? I can't find a google follow button??? I will sign up for the e mail, but would love for your blog to be back on my sidebar??


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