Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuscan Dining Room

~Welcome to our Tuscan style Dining Room~
Are you ready for a pop of color? Join me and I'll show you our cozy, casual dining room, and my new funky spring plates filled with faux fruit.
I'm all about the cozy and comfortable factor. I love elegant dining rooms, and one day I'll have one, but with four kids, casual and cozy is my style.
I love black furniture with dark wood undertones. You may recognize this table from last year, it used to be W H I T E!  Guess who spray painted it? Me!  It now goes with my old black hutch. 
We eat in the dining room, maybe once a month, so when it's not being used, I stage it to look pretty. I placed some plates on the table and filled them with faux fruit for spring. 
Last week, there were just placemats on 
the table, now there are plates.
I found the plates, bowls, and faux fruit at the Dollar Tree. Cheap, cheap, cheap!
I added some white flowers to my Tuscan arrangement for Spring.
The boxwood wreath used as my centerpiece I found at Safeway of all places.
Grouping items is the name of the game in Tuscan design. 
I got a glass candle holder and filled it with little garden balls.  I really like the pop of color, and hello, it's green, my 
favorite color! :)
I love the big tall ceilings and the trim really sets the dining room apart from the living room.
I go a little crazy with yellow when spring rolls around. All I have on the brain is the sun, and thinking ahead to bright and cheery days, weather wise!  
I like rustic pots that look or appear aged....those are my favorite. :)
I love using artichokes in my decor along with grapes, very Tuscanesque!
 Aren't these plates bright and cheery? Only a $1.00 each.
 Yellows, reds, golds, browns, greens, black, and beige.....is the name of the game in this dining room!
I will be adding some long curtain panels soon! 
 As I mentioned before, I use faux LED wax candles on timers, so they go on at 5pm and go off at 9pm every night.
 You may recall this arched gate, I used it to frame my kitchen window at the other house along with an identical one. I will be adding a big spring wreath later this week.
 I got this new rug when we moved and I love it with the black furniture.
 I use topiaries just about everywhere throughout the house, love them!
This chandelier will be getting some spring greenery draped from it later this week. :)
I also like to add little wall shelves around the house, you can switch different decor items on and off it for the seasons.
In one of my tables, I displayed some wine and books in a basket.
 Down below, I displayed some cookbooks, a faux plant and moss ball in a silver pot.
Cozy, comfortable, and Tuscan Style....
Thanks for visiting! XOXO, Liz
SIDE NOTEFrom now on, I will be replying to comments here on my blog.
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  1. Very pretty, Liz! It looks very cozy! I have those same lamps on your buffet. I used to have mine in our dining room at our old house, but have them in our office in the new place. I also have tassels on mine! : )

  2. Thanks Kathy! I love those lamps, I remember seeing them on your blog. Tassels help dress any lamp up, don't they? Thanks for visiting! ~Liz

  3. Hi Little Liz! Everything looks so pretty! I would have never thought you had spray painted your table. It looks like it came that way. I do love your black hutch and how you've dressed her! :) I'm enjoying seeing your home.
    Be a sweetie,

  4. Thank you, Shelia! I'm lazy, so I didn't even sand the table or chairs, I used a primer/paint and sprayed away, so far so good! lol! Thanks for visiting! :)

  5. Liz, your dining room is beautiful! You know that I love all of your Tuscan touches! The plates are perfect and add so much color; and wow, you did an amazing job painting your table! I'm looking forward to going back to Accents of Salado in a few weeks. I wish I had you here to come with me! We would have a blast!

    1. Thank you Shenita. I am ****SO***** jealous that you get to go to Accents of Salado. Will you take pictures? I love the website, so many beautiful things and ideas. Wish I could go with you, lunch and shopping.....we would have so much fun! :)

  6. Your dining room is stunning. I love the hutch.

  7. What a beautiful dining room! I haven't used much in the Tuscan style however, I went to a Brush Party yesterday and painted a canvas that was titled "A Taste of Tuscan" kind of a fun afternoon!

  8. Thank you. The party you went to sounds like it was fun. I love the title "A Taste Of Tuscan"...that would be a cute blog title, too! Thanks for visiting! :)

  9. Cozy and so pretty Liz!! I love black furniture with wood too!

  10. everything looks beautiful Liz.. I'm getting ready to do my cabinet tops this weekend and you gave me lots of great ideas.

    great job on painting that table~!


  11. Very pretty! I am loving your black furniture too!

  12. Your dining room looks wonderful Liz! I like the dishes and the displays on the corner unit. That's so great that you painted the legs black and got a 2nd use out of the table!

  13. You've certainly created a very cozy little space, Liz! I really like the black furniture, but I would have been to chicken to spray paint the table. You did an awesome job!

  14. Such a gorgeous room and your accessories are fabulous. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  15. This is a really pretty look. I love the faux herbs in the basket.

  16. Absolutely Gorgeous! I love the colors! Great job on the spray painted table! Has your hutch always been black or did you paint that at some point as well?

  17. It's always a pleasure to be invited in to your beautiful home. I have always loved your black hutch from way back. You did an amazing job with table and the chairs..I don't know if I would have been so brave:)

  18. I love everything, Liz!! Gorgeous!! I love that you spray painted the table. I love black furniture, hence the reason why I have it all over my house lol gorgeous as always! :)

  19. Yay!!!! Sweet Liz, you're back!!!!! I've sure missed you. I'm sorry to hear of what happened on your old blog. That's awful and I feel so bad that happened to you. I'm just so glad you're back!! I hope you're doing great and I love your new home....it's gorgeous as always! :) PS--I haven't blogged in about a year (my blog was Jen's Place (not sure if you remember me, but I sure hope you do...hehe!), but I am on Facebook and Instagram (if you want to connect on there, I'd love it!) Again, I sure missed you and your blog!! My email is: jenniferclare@cox.net

  20. Oh my gosh Liz! I was so sad when your old blog disappeared! I just found you and am so excited to see your decorating ideas again! Thank you for sharing! Love your kitchen by the way! I wish I could send you pics of my kitchen and dining and just have you tell me what to put..haha Happy Thursday

  21. So beautiful! As I went through your gorgeous vignettes I felt like I am in an Italian villa....simply beautiful! Each vignette is stunning and those Dollar Tree plates on your table is just awesome, fabulous price, looks beautiful and goes with everything else in the room charmingly! Your beautiful pictures and vignettes remind of Accents of Salado:) Well done, as always! Happy weekend! Hugs, Poppy

  22. Definitely warm, cozy and comfortable! What a wonderful spot to gather with family and friends!

  23. I am so glad you are blogging again. I love what you do with items and the way you piece things together. Whe. I read and look at pictures I feel so cozy because I can tell how much you love creating your home. It makes me smile. The table looks a zillion times better this way!!


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