Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Has Sprung

Hello, sweet friends! Well, it looks like the weather is finally beginning to change and spring has sprung at....
The color - yellow, is beginning to take over the house. I hung this wreath on my metal arched gate. Why didn't I hang a wreath there sooner? I love it, much more inviting!
I moved this plate and bowl set to the sofa table. I needed to bring in a little more yellow.
I tipped the bowl upside down and placed the garden ball on top of it.
Pops of yellow are so cheery this time of year.  
I also added a bright and colorful Rooster, which is primarily yellow.
On my Baker's Rack in the kitchen, I added these two rustic black bunnies.
On another wall, I added another yellow wreath to my metal wall embellishment.
It glows at night, ha!
I like how I can see the wreath in the mirror at night.
Last week, at Hobby Lobby, I found these three candle sconces, 66% off! Of course, there I go again NOT putting candles on my sconces, I placed garden balls on them for Spring, instead!
I placed a jar of spaghetti next to my bunnies, and two new burlap lamps.
In the foyer, I hung a pear wreath by burlap ribbon.
Love the pop of green.
I found this Rooster at Ross last week, only $29.00. I've seen the same one at Home Goods for $79.00, can you say steal of a deal? So, I snatched him up FAST!
A bunny hippity-hopped his way to this vignette, and there he sits.
I found the oval granite cutting board at Ross last week and sat the plant and bunny on it.
I decorated the entertainment center and this bunny found her way there and sits in amongst the greenery and spring flowers.
This rabbit joined the vignette, too! 
Back in the kitchen, I added pastel jelly beans to this glass container and placed some spring greenery around it.
I added some easter egg malt balls to this cloche.
I also added some candy corn carrots, and sat this beside my black rustic bunnies, on the Baker's Rack.
So, there you have it, the beginning stages of spring blooming at...
Thanks for stopping by! XOXO, ~Liz
I will now be responding to comments here on my blog, so check back! 
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Friday, March 14, 2014

Foyer Table Arrangement

Happy Friday! Whew, the week went by fast! Today, I would like to share our foyer table arrangement.  
I found this canister at Home Goods years ago and love it!
I made this arrangement several years ago and placed it into a new pot.  I was shooting for a Tuscan/Spring look.
Y'all know how I love garden balls, so I sat one beside the arrangement!
This is the foyer...
And this is how it used to look before the arrangement.  Now....onto my question>>>
Ok, I've got a question for you ladies. See the chandelier above, well, I was playing with the idea of heading to Hobby Lobby to buy a few springs garlands to drape around the chandy!  Obviously, the garland in the picture is not full enough for my liking, but I do want something that drapes and cascades downward a bit, what do you think?
 Whatever garland I find it will need to fit in with this look. I have a few ideas....
Why do builders always hang the chandelier so high? This bothers me, so I thought, a good way to balance the chandelier with the room is to make it appear lower by adding spring garland.  I would love to know your thought on this.
I think a little spring around the chandy will look pretty.  I will post some pictures if I find what I am looking for and see what you guys think. Have a fabulous weekend! xo, Liz
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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuscan Dining Room

~Welcome to our Tuscan style Dining Room~
Are you ready for a pop of color? Join me and I'll show you our cozy, casual dining room, and my new funky spring plates filled with faux fruit.
I'm all about the cozy and comfortable factor. I love elegant dining rooms, and one day I'll have one, but with four kids, casual and cozy is my style.
I love black furniture with dark wood undertones. You may recognize this table from last year, it used to be W H I T E!  Guess who spray painted it? Me!  It now goes with my old black hutch. 
We eat in the dining room, maybe once a month, so when it's not being used, I stage it to look pretty. I placed some plates on the table and filled them with faux fruit for spring. 
Last week, there were just placemats on 
the table, now there are plates.
I found the plates, bowls, and faux fruit at the Dollar Tree. Cheap, cheap, cheap!
I added some white flowers to my Tuscan arrangement for Spring.
The boxwood wreath used as my centerpiece I found at Safeway of all places.
Grouping items is the name of the game in Tuscan design. 
I got a glass candle holder and filled it with little garden balls.  I really like the pop of color, and hello, it's green, my 
favorite color! :)
I love the big tall ceilings and the trim really sets the dining room apart from the living room.
I go a little crazy with yellow when spring rolls around. All I have on the brain is the sun, and thinking ahead to bright and cheery days, weather wise!  
I like rustic pots that look or appear aged....those are my favorite. :)
I love using artichokes in my decor along with grapes, very Tuscanesque!
 Aren't these plates bright and cheery? Only a $1.00 each.
 Yellows, reds, golds, browns, greens, black, and the name of the game in this dining room!
I will be adding some long curtain panels soon! 
 As I mentioned before, I use faux LED wax candles on timers, so they go on at 5pm and go off at 9pm every night.
 You may recall this arched gate, I used it to frame my kitchen window at the other house along with an identical one. I will be adding a big spring wreath later this week.
 I got this new rug when we moved and I love it with the black furniture.
 I use topiaries just about everywhere throughout the house, love them!
This chandelier will be getting some spring greenery draped from it later this week. :)
I also like to add little wall shelves around the house, you can switch different decor items on and off it for the seasons.
In one of my tables, I displayed some wine and books in a basket.
 Down below, I displayed some cookbooks, a faux plant and moss ball in a silver pot.
Cozy, comfortable, and Tuscan Style....
Thanks for visiting! XOXO, Liz
SIDE NOTEFrom now on, I will be replying to comments here on my blog.
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