Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Rented Our Home

Happy Wednesday, Ladies! I'm so excited to share that we finally rented our home.
 Right before I stopped blogging, we had just put in a brand new deck, and unfortunately, I never really shared any photos of the final transformation.  I created this cozy, private sitting area. We really enjoyed the outdoor fireplace last fall....cozy, cozy, cozy! Oh, and did I mention comfortable?
The other side of the deck was for eating and taking in the beautiful sunsets. I'm sharing these for the people who emailed me wanting to see the deck photos. ;)
I loved having a large clock above the fireplace. It was like having a bit of the indoors outside.
A mantle whether it is inside or out should be decorated, don't you think? ;)
At night we would light this candle.
Ok, now onto our rental news....we put the house up for rent at the end of December. I did not stage the house and we had very little bites. I decided it was time to spruce up the house with a few staging items to see if it would make the house more warm and inviting. Well, it did the trick. We now have it rented.
I did not bring in any furniture in, only accessories.
 I hung towels in the bathroom and added topiaries and nice hand soap.
 I used burlap ribbon and tied it around the towels.
 In the pantry, I added these cute little plants and placed a big cake platter on one of the shelves.
I made up this cute arrangement and placed it down in the theater. It is filled with popcorn, kettle corn, red vines, and root beer.  I will leave it for the renters as a little "welcome" gift! ;)
When anyone comes to the front door, it should be pretty and welcoming. So I got out my cleaning product of choice - Pledge Furniture Polish With Orange Oil, and I sprayed it onto the exterior wood right next to the front door. You can see how dull the wood looked prior to spraying the oil on. I rubbed the oil in really good over the wood with a small towel and it soaked right into the wood and revitalized it. Ba-BAM!
I even sprayed the front much better! Love that product! 
I placed a wax warmer in the kitchen with a wonderful scent and it made the house smell heavenly. All these "little" things add up and just make the house look and feel more like, well, home! This is how it looked before staging, just cold and uninviting.
 These are all the items I brought over to stage with.
 So, if any of you are in the process of trying to rent your home and have already moved out, leave a few items behind and just accessorize. It really makes the house feel more inviting.
If I could have a "D R E A M *  J O B" it would be to stage peoples homes. I love to accessorize, it would be a dream come true, maybe one day! :) Thanks for visiting! XO, Liz
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  1. Hi Little LIz! Oh, I'm so happy for you that you rented your house - your staging looks beatufiul! Now your deck.porch is gorgeous and the furnishings are so pretty. I'm so glad you're back because I've missed you and missed all of your creativity!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  2. So glad you shared this with us Liz!! I totally agree...appearances can either make or break the deal! You accessorized it perfectly :) LOVE that beautiful deck too!

  3. I'm glad you shared your deck pics - terrific space! Great job on the "accessory staging" of your rental! It is so true that when you are trying to rent or sell your home, you are to convey the "type of life style" that the house offers - you especially did that with the bucket of goodies in your movie room!


  4. Smart! I've tried that a time or two with hubby's rentals.

    Hey Liz...If memory serves you guys ended up with two theatre systems. Did you leave one in the basement? I loved that room! You had it decorated so pretty.

    Jake's a Girl

  5. I am so excited to see that you are back!! I absolutely love how you decorate and have missed seeing your posts!!

  6. Those deck pics are fabulous! What a wonderful space! You would be GREAT at staging homes. You are so good at accessorizing. :)

  7. Love the saging Liz. Great job!!

  8. Your deck was absolutely gorgeous!! I love it!! I am in the process of trying to pretty up our backyard I want it to be an extension of the inside, so I will be decorating out there too! You gave me some ideas :) You would be a perfect home stager!! You have the knack!! I love decorating too!! I wish I could make something of it!! Like you say one day maybe!! :) I totally agree sometimes people cant envision decor inside and leaving stuff up helps them. Thanks for sharing!! I hope to have a new post up tomorrow :)

  9. The deck looks gorgeous, Liz, and the sunsets must have been fantastic! The only thing better than a Northwest sunset is probably a Southwest sunset......heehee! I think it was very smart of you to add a few decor items to the empty house. It's really difficult for many people to see past a cluttered home but even worse to try and visualize the "homey-factor" in an empty one.

    Cannot wait to see more of your new home! From the glimpses you've shared, it is beautiful!

  10. Everything looks perfect..goes to show you that it needed your little tweaks get the ball rolling. No surprise there, you have the eye for things décor. There are so many people that when they walk into a home and see a blank slate they can't envisions things beyond that. I love what you did with the deck, I wouldn't mind sitting out there myself. Thanks for sharing your always great ideas!

  11. That's so great that you were able to rent the home. I really love how the deck turned out and how you created that nice sitting area with the fireplace. Your staging was a great idea- definitely helps people visualize themselves in a home when there are some homey touches!

  12. I'm so happy for you guys that your home is now rented! I imagine that is a relief. The views off of the deck are amazing. I bet if you could see the city at night that was really pretty. You had the space so inviting and beautifully decorated. Were you able to bring your swim spa/hot tub with you to the new home? May I ask..does the weather not blow things around or get your pretties all wet? We have a very large deck at our new home and I would love to decorate but the wind gets so crazy here. I think if I put decorative items out they would take flight in the first windstorm! ha ha We will be looking for some new patio furniture but it has to be heavy so it doesn't blow over.

    I agree that you definitely have the knack for decorating. A staging job would be awesome for you! You can come help me!! :) Your new renters will love their little movie bucket, what a thoughtful idea for you to create it for them. have a great day~ Lu

  13. Oh my goodness Liz I was visiting Allyson blog and saw a post from you and came by to see that your back. You have truly been missed by all of us. Welcome back sweet friend.

  14. Liz, I am so happy that you were able to rent your home! You did a great job with staging! Just a few touches make all the difference. I am so glad that you shared pictures of the deck. I was wondering how it turned out. I love using red outside, as well! That color just pops! If you want something else to stage, just come over, girl!

  15. Liz- That looks great. You did an amazing job with a few props. Staging homes was one of my last jobs and I loved it. I worked for three Realtors and was always busy (before the economy tanked). I loved it-it was so much fun. xo Diana

  16. I found your new blog today and am so happy to see you are back blogging!! Everyone has missed your beautiful decor posts. Coffee cup in hand I am going to spend time starting at the beginning to see what you have been up to....


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