Monday, February 24, 2014

Jazz Up That Kitchen

Hi Ladies, today I would like to share a few ideas from my kitchen to yours. In our home, the kitchen is the heart of the home, it's the most popular place to congregate. A place to cook, eat, and share a story, or two!
 Why not make the kitchen a cozy, comfortable atmosphere, right? I'm not afraid to use "faux" items such as faux fruit, bread, or greenery. This allows me to switch things out as I may.
 I like to group decor items.  Save those corks ladies, you can use them in your kitchen vignettes like you see here. Just place your corks into a glass cloche, or any glass container and it makes a cute centerpiece.
 I like to vary things at different heights.  Pedestals are an easy way to place items up a little higher than others.
I love big glass jars, I always change the items out seasonally. Sometimes I have apples, sometimes, I have pumpkins (for fall) and seashells/sand for summer. 
 At Hobby Lobby they have lots of glass jars filled with veggies, I love these as they add a pop of color in the kitchen.
In this glass jar I added green grass with lemons and beneath it I placed a pear twig wreath.
Here are a few more glass containers filled with veggies.
I like to add candles for adds the cozy factor.
I lover moss balls and placed these on the dining room table in a big round basket.
I found this pretty container at Real Deals and placed a bean mix inside because I liked the different variations in color.
 In another glass container I used rice and pasta and placed some tall greenery right in the middle.
Don't you love accessorizing your kitchen? I sure do! The possibilities are endless....


  1. It is so much fun to come here and see your posts, Liz. You have a style that is uniquely you and I love what you do. Your blog is a warm, welcoming little peek into your life. xo Diana

  2. I love the container with the bean mixture in it. You always have such great ideas!

  3. That container with the bean mix inside is beautiful! I like how you use pedestals in your decor too. Such good ideas! Hope your week is wonderful, Liz!

  4. Your glass containers are really pretty filled with some" interesting things.

  5. Such pretty displays Liz! My favorite is the glass jar filled with lemons with the pear twig wreath wrapped around the bottom of it.

  6. Lots of good ideas here. I don't have much room for deco like this but I could find a spot for a pretty jar like yours with the mixed beans. I do like that glass jar with the lemon wreath a lot!

  7. Liz, What a wonderful surprise to see you blogging again! You have been missed very much, my friend. Please send me an email! ~Lu

  8. I really always love to come to your blog. You always give me such great inspiration. When I'm decorating I try to think "what would Liz do with this?". I am just over joyed that you are back!

  9. And as always your vignettes are awesome. Love the pasta one!

  10. Gorgeous touches....just gorgeous! and I agree with you, love those glass jars from Hobby may have just inspired me to pull a couple out and fill them!

  11. Liz, you have such an eye for detail and a real gift for adding special touches! Thanks for sharing this at Grace at Home--I'm featuring you this week!

  12. So happy to see you blogging again Liz! I've missed you. Beautiful post as always.


  13. Liz is there any chance that you might do the You Tube videos again? Blessings from Texas


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