Friday, January 24, 2014

New Blog, New Home!

Hi Everyone! I am formerly known as, Liz, from the blog...Savvy Seasons!  I decided to delete my old blog due to some disturbing emails I received from random followers and take a break. The break was nice, but I sure missed my blog buddies and sharing decor, my PASSION! I decided I wasn't going to let some mean spirited women steal my fun, so I am back with a new blog and new house!
We found an amazing home out in the country on 4.6 acres, so we jumped at the chance to have some land and a bigger home for our family. Our last home we liked, but it was a transitional house, as we were taking some time to get to know the area before we purchased our dream home. 
I have so much to show you and wanted to jump back on board the "blogland express" and say HI, I'm BACK!!!  I'm starting from scratch, so it will be fun to see how my blog evolves again. :)
More to come....
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