Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuscan Style Wall Shelf Decorated For Fall

Hello Friends! Today, I would like to share a Tuscan style wall shelf, decorated for Fall.  I found the Fleur De Lis metal wall art at Ross, and the black shelf at Hobby Lobby.
The greenery is from Hobby Lobby and the sunflower arrangements are from Wegmans. 
All I did was set the greenery down on either side of the pumpkin and then stuck the sunflower floral picks into the greenery. Simple, simple, simple.
I just love the pop of color on this wall shelf.
You can find this pumpkin at Tuesday Morning.
I must admit, I have a Fleur De Lis obsession.
Pretty, inexpensive, and festive for Fall.
What are you placing on your wall shelves for Fall? Thanks for visiting! XO, ~Liz
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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Welcome To Our Front Porch

Happy Fall Y'all!  Today, I'm here to show our front porched decked for fall. This year, as you can see, there is no deco mesh in my garland. I decided to go without out it this fall and try something different.
I ran to Michael's and grabbed (3) 6ft. christmas garlands. I, first, hung the green xmas garland around my door. I then added in my fall garland and tied them into the green garland using the branches. Super easy! I added some fall berry garlands and some burlap ribbon. Whala, complete!
I found this cute pumpkin wreath at Homegoods today and hung it with my burlap ribbon.
While at Michael's...this Rooster and vase jumped out at me and were 50% off. I knew I would incorporate them into my porch display, somehow!
I founds this metal wall art at Ross and hung a fall wreath on it that I purchased from Rite Aid. 
(Have you see Rite Aids fall goodies? So cute!)
If you have some metal wall art, get a twisty tie and tie it onto the piece. You can do this throughout the seasons.
A view of the porch!
I am *so* enjoying all the fall colors in my displays, so warm and cozy!
I added some fall wheat to a planter and stuck greenery in around it.
I threw in some orange looking pillows, perfect for Fall! 
I picked up this sign from Homegoods and placed a faux pumpkin beside it.
The twig pumpkins you see on the table are from Rite Aid.  Drugstores often carry the cutest holiday decor.
I'm planning to add boo-blinker lights that are orange and amber colored throughout my garland.
 Last fall, I found this house and never dreamed that it was possible to purchase it, this year, I'm in awe that we ARE here, and feel extremely thankful. 
Here is a close-up of my garland.
I may even spot-light the front door for fun....
Have you decorated your front porch for Fall? What did you do this year, I would love to know? Soon, I will be adding fall mums in all colors and REAL pumpkins.
Thanks for visiting, sweet friends! 
XOXO, ~Liz
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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Let's talk Pumpkins

Hi there! Many of you will be pulling out your fall pumpkins (if you haven't already) in the next few weeks.  The anticipation of fall, cooler weather, and cozy homes are driving many of us to start early. I am one of them! ;)
Today, I'm going to share a few ideas on how to "jazz up" how your pumpkins are displayed.  
Place a few pumpkins and gourds on a pedestal and add some fall leaves and berries. Simple. Festive. Pretty.
Here I have mixed one pumpkin in amongst my fall owls and leaves display.
Add your everyday greenery in with your pumpkin display, it tends to soften the look.
Add pumpkins in with greenery, artichokes, corn, berries, and a sunflower, or two!
If you have a dining room that doesn't get used often, why not decorate the table for fall. Place a charger down, put a plate on top of the charger, and add a pumpkin for a cute fall table display.
Instead of placing candles on your candle holders, place pumpkins on top.
 When decorating your hutches, or shelves, add greenery and fall plates.
If you have baskets or decorative boxes, add some greenery and set pumpkins down on it.
If you have a cloche, add glittery faux pumpkins, it adds a beautiful pop of color in any room.
Take your big glass candle holders and drop in a bag of pumpkin potpourri and add a festive fall candle.
Add pumpkins around your candles.
Fill a basket with some moss and set pumpkins on top.
Use pumpkins next to your table centerpiece.
Scatter pumpkins along any shelf using different sizes and styles.
Real pumpkins are best, so add them to your tabletops, so festive! Thanks for visiting! 
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Monday, September 1, 2014

Want to know why I haven't shared the front of our house?

Ok, I'm here to dish the DIRT, literally! So, the reason I haven't shared the front of our house and yard is because the builder sodded only a portion of our yard, the rest of it was basically farm grass and weeds. We can mow it and it looks nice, but the farm grass grows out of control and we were tired of trying to maintain it.
So what did we do? We scrapped the farm grass and weeds with the tractor. This is how it looked in the spring. We had to remove the rock french drain, and then the whole section of farm grass and weeds.
We are in a VERY rocky terrain, so once we scrapped the ground there were rocks EVERYWHERE, especially under the grass. I now cringe when I hear anyone mention the word rock, as this was such a problematic situation trying to hand pick all the rocks, not fun!
We decided to rent a machine called the.....
R O C K    H O U N D
 The Rock Hound sweeps up the rocks and puts them in a bucket and then you dump them. You can see after using it, it leaves the ground soft and smooth, free of rocks and debris, what a difference!  We also used a Rock Rake attachment on the tractor, a life-saver! 
 After preparing the ground and soil, we were ready to seed for grass. Afterwards, we put down hay so the seeds can germinate. Now it's up to the sun and sprinklers to grow a pretty lawn.  In two weeks, we should see a HUGE difference.
We also mounded up a landscape bed around our two fruit trees.
We waited all summer for the fruit to grow, now we have more fruit than we know what to do with!
We also have an Italian Pear Tree. 
It's amazing how much works goes into landscaping a big yard, but we are having a blast doing it ourselves.
Soon, the front porch will be decked for Fall and then Christmas....
I can't wait to show you the yard when it's pretty like a golf course, at least....that is my dream, ha! We will see....
Thanks for visiting! xoxo ~Liz